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Encouraging human ingenuity

We are proponents of out-of-box thinking and fearless creativity; our fluid workplace is a breeding ground for bold, experimental ideas - come, experience it!

Home to artisans

At Sahaj, every individual is honed to be a leader and enjoys the freedom to take decisions that she/he sees fit to steer the organization closer towards its goals. We work in small, decentralized teams that promote independent authority and freedom to approach and solve problems creatively. This path nurtures the artisan in every individual and brings to fruition the vision of crafting purpose-built solutions for clients.

Are you ready to be a technology artisan?

Resumes and certificates tell us precious little about how you work, even lesser about who you are. We look at your code or how you pair with one of us to solve a problem with code. We want to see how you put the basics to work and challenge assumptions or conventions in the pursuit of a better solution. Along the way, we give you a glimpse into how we work, the company you will keep and the joy of tussling with a complex problem. Join us!

Leading the path

At Sahaj, you will be at the helm, solving the most important problems for clients as part of teams that trust you and respect your craft.

In turn, you will be expected to relentlessly pursue what is best for the client. To that end, you must speak up when things aren’t right and evaluate ideas purely on merit. If working in an environment that brings out your best excites you, then we want to work with you.

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