Artisanal engineering expertise.

We craft purpose-built AI and data-led solutions.

Unlock the full potential of data and artificial intelligence with out-of-the-box thinking, not just out-of-the-box products or solutions.

ar·ti·san·al /ärˈtēzən(ə)l/
relating to or characteristic of an artisan. e.g. artisanal skills. custom crafted with time-tested methods and high quality ingredients.

The value of first-principles thinking

We apply first principles thinking to solution design. It is a way to look beyond any conventions or assumptions and focus on what’s essential. This is how we pursue simplicity in the solutions we craft for you. This simplicity is our identity. It defines who we are and how we inspire brilliance in everything we do.

Purpose-built Solutions & Technology Advisory

We make your AI smarter. We do this by solving complex engineering problems related to data and the platform infrastructure along with the data science for your AI to scale and evolve.

Without technology force-fits and over-designed solutions, everything we do is crafted specifically for you.

Less is truly more

For breakthrough AI solutions or a new data product, doing more is not about more people taking more time or using a better process. It is about how we think with you to solve problems.

We think about the big picture, the little important details, and what inspires brilliance around us.