Artisanal engineering expertise

We are an artisanal software engineering firm delivering purpose-built solutions in software and data engineering by leveraging AI, ML, and data science to unlock the full potential of data and drive data-led transformation for organizations.

ar·ti·san·al /ärˈtēzən(ə)l/
relating to or characteristic of an artisan. e.g. artisanal skills. custom crafted with time-tested methods and high quality ingredients.

First-principles thinking

We apply first principles thinking to solution design. To look beyond any conventions or assumptions and focus on what’s essential leads to optimal solution choices without technology force fits. This is how we pursue simplicity in the solutions we craft.

Purpose-built solutions & technology advisory

We solve a wide spectrum of complex problems by leveraging Platform Engineering to Data Analytics and Data Science to craft purpose-built solutions and offer technology advisory. Our solutions evolve and adapt to cater to your complex needs - each solution is unique like a fingerprint!

Simplifying complexity

We strive for creativity and simplicity to create and deliver technology-based solutions that provide our customers a competitive advantage. Our emphasis on craft makes us different.